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How to check the camera on a laptop?

2020-02-02 16:27:44

Almost all laptops have a built-in webcam, and this module should work without additional manipulations - immediately after installing the drivers. But, if you have not used webcams for a long time, or have never activated this module at all, then you should check the camera before use. How to do it? Comfy has prepared a simple step-by-step guide for you to help you easily test your webcam. Our tips will be useful for laptops running Windows 7, and for laptops with Windows 10!

Webcam Check 

Checking the webcam Before checking whether the built-in camera on the laptop is working, you should make sure that it is generally provided for by the physical configuration of the system. If there is a webcam, it will be integrated into the laptop cover above the screen - the camera eye is usually located on the frame in the center above the display. When the camera is in the off state, it has no right to manifest itself, but if you activate it, then the indicator diode next to the module will light up. You turned on the webcam, but the indicator is activated? You should make sure that the laptop “sees” this module, as it may be that the system just still has not found this device in its configuration. In addition, for the built-in camera to work, separate drivers are needed, and if they are missing, damaged or installed incorrectly, the gadget will not be able to use this device.

How to check a webcam in a laptop? There are several ways. You can turn on the camera on the laptop manually - through pre-installed Windows applications, through applications that support video call and broadcast modes, as well as through special Internet services. 

 How to turn on the camera on Windows 10

To enable the camera on a laptop under Windows 10, you need to configure it a bit first. In the "Options" menu, find the "Privacy" item, and in it - the "Camera" tab. In these settings, permission to use the camera by applications must be set. Enable this feature by moving the corresponding slider to the right. Further in the same window you can manually set permissions to activate the webcam of your laptop for each of the applications installed on the PC. After that, go to the “Start” menu and in the column with all applications installed on the laptop, find the “Camera” item.

How to turn on the camera on Windows 7 

How to turn on the camera on a laptop running Windows 7? Here the principle is somewhat different. First, go to the “Start” - here you need to find the menu “Devices and Printers”. Click on it once with the left mouse button. It will expand in the window, infa will appear for all modules that are connected on this laptop. If there is a webcam, she will also be here. Click RMB on the tile responsible for the webcam and activate this module if it was previously disabled. That's it, the webcam should work!

How to check the camera online services 

Another simple and convenient way to test a webcam is to use one of the online services. There are many sites on the Internet that allow you to quickly check a webcam online, and for our today's article we have selected 2 convenient and safe portals with such functionality. 

1. com: This is one of the most convenient online video recording services with a very simple and functional control system, but you need authorization on the site to record video from a webcam. However, the Clipchamp service carefully cares about the confidentiality of its users, and videos created with its help are inaccessible to third parties.

2. io: Another convenient service that you can use to check the laptop’s built-in camera. To see how the camera captures the video sequence, registration is not necessary, and the picture in real time is immediately displayed in a window directly on the main page of the site.

Key Combinations 

Another easy way to start controlling the laptop’s built-in webcam is to use hot keys. If there is a button with a camera icon on the laptop’s keyboard unit, you can activate the webcam by holding this button simultaneously with Fn. But keep in mind that the key combinations that activate the built-in webcam are different for laptops of different brands. For example, on Acer laptops, turning the built-in webcam on and off usually corresponds to the Fn + F6 key combination, on Asus laptops Fn + V, and on Lenovo Fn + Esc.

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